Dodgers last game this year – and here’s my foul ball “catch!”

I had been dying to go to a Dodger game this year, but never really
made it happen. Got a call on Saturday from my friend, Laurie, asking if I’d
want to go. Um, yeah!! Laurie hooked us up with some excellent VIP action
- we got to hang out in the dugout before the game:


dodger 5 src="" width="225"
height="168" />


Here’s me, Jaime and Laurie (don’t we look like we belong in the


Dodger1 src="" width="225"
height="126" />


Then, hilariously, Rafael Furcal hits a foul ball. It’s goes behind us,
ricochets off a wall, smacks a woman in the leg and then lands on the seat
in front of me. My cat-like relexes nab the ball. And then I scream and
jump up and down as if I’ve won a million dollars!!


Dodger 2 src="" width="225"
height="126" />


We do a re-inactment later of the “catch” and I end up hitting Jaime
(above) in the face with the ball and almost lose the ball completely in the
crowd! lol


It was also Joe Torre’s last game in LA (so they tell me). See ya, Joe!