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10 at 10 is a simple concept. 10 great songs from one great year! And once in a while, Host Andy Chanley goes a little crazy and creates a different theme – with 10 songs with that in common (like “cowbell songs,” for example). Weekdays at 10 AM and 10 PM.

10at10 with Andy Chanley

Pretending - Eric Clapton Free Fallin' - Tom Petty All I Want Is You - U2 Rock and a Hard Place - Rolling Stones Epic - Faith No...

Jet - Paul McCartney & Wings Ramblin' Man - Allman Brothers Band Free Ride - Edgar Winter Group Rosalita - Bruce Springsteen Showdown - ELO The Real Me -...

CFox in for Andy and I'm wearing my Tube Top and Walkman as we toast 1979! And yes we were almost toast as that is the year of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident. On a merrier note we know what a Flying Tomato is today because the first Snowboard was invented that year. And thank you Oxford University Dangerous Sports Club for starting Bungee jumping!

She's Waiting - Eric Clapton Can't Get There From Here - REM I Drink Alone - George Thorogood Inside Out - Phil Collins And We Danced - Hooters Don't...

Let's Dance - David Bowie Cuts Like a Knife - Bryan Adams Big Log - Robert Plant Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2 Overkill - Men At Work Photograph -...

Scooby Doo premiered in 1969. Spoiler alert: The first person they meet in every episode is the villain. But even that can’t spoil these 10 great songs that premiered in ’69.

10at10 @ Night with Rita Wilde

Rock and roll was alive and well in 1976, but disco was seeping its way into the mainstream... and even into some traditional rock leaning artists music...disco rock and rhythm

It seems weird that a year that could give such fun as Silly Putty and Hot Wheels could also give us two devastating assassinations of beloved figures, Martin Luther King Jr. and Senator Robert Kennedy... music was needed that year for solace, reconciliation and healing.

1972 was the first year that women could officially run in the Boston Marathon. Yes, I guess we have come a long way…

No silly innuendo’s, just 10 great songs with horns!

Your Los Angeles Raiders were Super Bowl Champions….wait….they didn’t arrive until a couple of years later….Your Los Angeles Dodgers were World Series Champions and Fernando Mania was the buzz…….and the talk of the town in 1981.

I guess every year has some low points. For 1975, those could be classified as mood rings, pet rocks and Beta-Max….at least the music didn’t suck.