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10 at 10 is a simple concept. 10 great songs from one great year! And once in a while, we’ll go a little crazy and creates a different theme – with 10 songs with that in common (like “cowbell songs,” for example). Weekdays at 10 AM and 10 PM.

10at10 with Uncle Joe

It was 1974, the world population hit 4 billion and Blazing Saddles hit the big screen!

It was 1982, Knight Rider debuted on NBC and gas cost 91 cents a gallon!

It was 1971, Oompa Loompa's were singing on the big screen and Led Zeppelin changed music forever with Led Zeppelin IV!

It was 1980, The Empire struck back and Magic Johnson led the Lakers to the Championship!

Yep, It's raining in LA!!! A perfect excuse for yer Uncle Joe to spin 10 great songs about "Rain" on today's 10 at 10!  Have...

It was 1977, A.J. Foyt wins the Indianapolis 500, the first Apple II goes on sale and Elvis Presley performed for the last time ever.